Thursday, 15 October 2015

Two Years....!! Really...!! Has it really been that long since I wrote a post....??! My last post was about a depressing B'day but today...well my Bday was awesome..had a fabulous time with parents...was down with viral  fever but a surprise midnight delivery and phone calls from friends and family made my day. Some people were missed coz they either forgot my bday or decided not to call....but I know they love me :) so 'forgiving' them ... :) 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

My Birthday

Yesterday was my Birthday! Yes I am a year older now! What a depressing thought that is...Anyway...

It was a birthday like every other birthday, boring, uneventful and too long...people kept calling me the whole day (only after logging into Facebook and getting a birthday reminder.. ). I'm not complaining though, coz I know people these days are so busy with work, worries and their lives that it becomes difficult to remember anything. But it definitely feels good when your closed friends call u at the strike of 12 to wish you. Like every year it was my little brother, Ginny who wished me first. Such a sweetie he his...

Even with all the attention I was getting the whole day, I was really glad when it came to an end. 

Monday, 12 August 2013

Life and Choices

People come, and people leave..things around us change too, but what doesn't change is the flow of life. It goes on...Unhindered..Unobstructed...
         But sometimes there comes a moment, when even life seems to stall. Waiting for that One decision, to resume its free flowing course. The course it takes, will depend on the option you choose. Truly life-changing these moments are, making them so much more scary...There is certainly no scope of regretting later..Once a decision is made, you'll have to live with it, all your life.
        When the conflict is between your heart's innermost desires and what you know is the right thing to do, making a decision becomes even tougher...procrastinating buys you some time, but the respite is only momentary. You can't delay forever. You'll have to decide soon sometime. The more you delay, the more is the pressure from the stalled life-flow...
        Mentally willing the two options to merge into one, eliminating the need for choice..abandoning that decisive moment....
If only life was a little was just a one straight road......

Monday, 22 July 2013

Pricey Paintings

While I was trying to read more about the most famous paintings in the world..(only because I had nothing better to do...), I came across a list of world's most high-priced art works. While they were most ludicrously priced, what I thought was more baffling was 'that there are people who would pay that much for THOSE paintings. I am not particularly an arts and paintings person, but Really! what's so special about these paintings. To my eye, they mostly looked like paintings done by a 5-year old!  Take for example 'Peasant Woman against a background of Wheat' by Van Gogh. I really fail to understand WHY is it so pricey. I mean, I've seen better works..Maybe it's something to do with its very famous painter ,,, OR maybe it's time for me to take Painting lessons. :)
Peasant Woman Against a Background of Wheat
By- Van Gogh

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Me, A Fake Researcher?

Why do I call myself a Scientist?
-Because that is what I do and like.

But what do 'Real Scientists' do?
-They use cutting edge technology and cutting edge equipment to produce cutting edge data, which they PUBLISH in cutting edge journals.

Whereas Me..Well I'm just happy being a 'Keen Observer' who is just trying to find out the basic questions of How, Why and Why Not. And that is where my interest ends. Its not as if i Don't want to publish. It's just that for me, that's not the goal. The goal is achieved when I get answers to my questions.

I keep getting excited by seeing anyone's data. Even if its not from my own field. I don't like having fixed goals either. New findings pave way for my new goals. Not good for a research career I think.

Does that make me a fake Scientist?? hmm...maybe.. :(

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Animation junkie Me

It all started with a single web link.

One fine evening I was randomly going through my facebook feed when I came across a post from a friend. It was a Youtube link for a short animation film 'Paperman'. The words, 'Walt Disney' and 'Academy Awards' in the description caught my attention.

It so turns out, Paperman is a 2012 short film which won the award for the Best animated short film in the 85th Academy awards.

The animations were awesome, the story was funny, and the background was romantic. All in all, the best-spent 7 minutes of an otherwise gloomy day. This was the first taste of something which would soon become an addiction. Youtube has this very helpful and in my case 'labyrinthine' list of suggested videos. It's a never ending maze of endless permutations and combinations. You go after one. Then something else catches your eye. And then the next..and next..and so on. This is pretty much what I found myself doing after 3 hours of my original 'Paperman' video.

In these 3 hours, I had watched more than fifty short animations. Most of them were projects by animation students from all over the world. Such beautiful concepts, amazing stories and immense hard work. They had me wondering why they have such talent and I have none. I really envy them!! here I am, weeks later, still hooked on these short animation movies. They've been a loyal companion for me, a 'night owl. I now pass my sleepless hours, happily jumping from one short anime to the other, laughing, learning and sometimes crying.. :)

Monday, 8 July 2013


No matter how far I go, my heart keeps pulling me back to where home is...

And my home is LUCKNOW.

' The City of Nawabs', 'The Golden City of East', 'Shiraj-e-Hind', 'The Constantinople of India'...some of many loving names given my poets, artists, and travelers, charmed by its grace, elegance, and cultural richness.


Located in the Awadh region of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow is a vibrant modern city, with an equally rich and interesting history. Having a very prominent role in the mutiny of 1857, the city has witnessed, the grandeur, the glory of Nawabs and the battle valor during the first war of independence against the British. La Martiniere College, my Alma and a premiere educational institution, still remains the only school in the world to receive battle honor for its role in protection of the city during the 1857 revolt. Other beautiful sites which still remind us of Lucknow's contribution to freedom struggle are Saheed Smarak (in honor of war heroes of first war of independence) and Residency (originally built for British Residence is a reminder of numerous sieges during the mutiny.

                                                      Lucknow in Stamps

The city is known was its 'tehzeeb' (etiquette), the 'nazakat' and 'nafasat' and a beautiful hind-urdu diction. The city still still follows the 'pehle aap' (you first) culture. A true Lucknawi still proudly announces 'HUM jaa rahe hain' (WE are leaving) instead of 'MAIN jaa raha hoon' (I am leaving). The royal flavor in language is still very much apparent. 'Aadab' or the royal salutation is a part of Lucknow's grace even today.

The city is seeing a shift in dressing from typical traditional muslim clothing like, sharara and salwar kameez to western wear, but what has not changed is its age long legacy of 'CHIKANKARI'. Chikan kari or chikan worn is a intricate and extremely delicate embroidery which which has found a place in the wardrobes of celebrities like Hillary Clinton and Aishwarya Rai. Traditionally a white-on-white embroidery, the art is now adapting to modern demands with the the needle work and fabric now available in many colors and styles.

           Typical Chikan embroidery 

Lucknow is also known for its exquisite cuisine. The 'Dasterkhwan' or the gourmet delights of the city include the delicious 'kebabs', sizzling 'biryanis' and mouth watering 'kulchhas'. With eateries dotting the map of the city, it is truly a heaven for any food lover. As you roam through the serpentine lanes and bylanes of the old city, you discover the true meaning of hospitality, grace and charm. It is a city whose favourite pastime is 'Kan-kawabazi' (kite-flying competition) and 'Mushairas' (poetic symposiums). It is a city where you can appreciate the architectural genius of both Mughals and British. Some notable must visits of the city include, 'Bada Imambara', 'Chhatar Manzil', 'Dilkusha garden', 'Rumi Darwaza', 'Chhota Imambara', 'Asafi mosque' and 'Baradari' to name a few. The 'Love Lane' of Hazratganj, which was once a meeting point of lovey-dovey couples is a now a site for cheap street fashion. clothes in all colors and styles are available here at a very reasonable price and is therefore preferred by the college youth.

The Begum of Awadh flying kite
Lucknow is also the 'Biotech Hub' of India with major CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial research, Govt. of India) laboratories and research institutions running in its limits. Due to its unique blend of modern and traditional culture, it is a major attraction for most national and international companies who are queuing up to win the hearts of the Lucknawi 'junta' (masses).

For a taste of its many flavors, one can also participate in the 10 day 'Lucknow Mahotsav' or Lucknow Festival, which is truly a grand experience. Look up to plan a visit in November.

I am sure, once you visit, you will never want to go back.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Who exactly is Roaring in outer space?

While browsing through space-related videos on Youtube, I came across this very intriguing phenomenon called SPACE ROAR. This had me wildly searching on the internet to find out what exactly it means. But now i'm even more confused and bewildered.

Actually, back in the year 2009, scientists while trying to detect radio signals from earliest born stars, started receiving a loud background noise called 'boom', which was six times louder than anything ever predicted.

Possibility that this radio signal was coming from distant reaches of our own galaxy or from extremely old stars was also ruled out.

So now, we are clueless as to what this loud noise is and what is the source of such a high signal.

Some more question marks added for science to solve and some more things for me to think about.
As if I wasn't feeling puny already (compared to the dimensions of the universe).

If you want to hear the SPACE ROARING, take a look at this. Though i think it's a spruced up version of the original recording,but still gives an idea about what it's like.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


I remember being Lost, in the deep dark woods,
And weeping in darkness for hours I stood.
               Tears were rolling, down on my cheeks,
               My heart pounding with every single creek.
The grotesque and evil, haunted my mind,
And I imagined a beast was standing behind.
               The leaves were covered with pearl like dew,
               And through my tresses, the soft wind blew.
The hollow call of cicada, filled me with fear,
As I heard wolves, howling very near.
               I looked around, not knowing where to go,
               My heart was sinking, down and low.
I took a few steps, but couldn't find a further track,
Something told me then, no point in turning back.
               I resolved to carve-out my own trail,
               It is only by not trying, that you fail.
I gathered courage and cautiously walked ahead,
And saw a distant fire, glowing bright and red.
               It was the end of woods, and I took a deep sigh of relief,
               I know now, that races are won, only by SELF BELIEF..

The Four Legged Angels

My experiments weren't working, the deadline for my project submission was nearing and my advisor was in an explosive mood. To make things worse for me, my batchmates and friends were out on a VACATION, having fun and living life to the fullest. Whereas me, was slogging and sweating in the cold deserted lab, with no results to show for my efforts.

Almost 2 o'clock in the night, I was dragging myself to my apartment which was barely a five minute walk on the other side of the road. I was exhausted and sleepy. I just wanted my own warm bed to sink into. So weary I was that I didn't realize when a 'small white ball of fur' came infront of me, almost tripping me into the muddy pool.

The lights were dim, so it took me full 10 seconds for my groggy eyes to realize that the 'small white ball of fur' was 'PINKY', the golden white pomeranian who was abandoned as a pup by its owners and was later adopted by the Institute Security people. Funnily, 'Pinki' is male and the first thing that catches your eye as you enter the institute premises. Every new student wants to get into his 'good-books'. The reason is simple- HE IS ADORABLE!!!  He wears this 'Paw-shaped' pendant in his collar with his name inscribed on top and is always well groomed (thanx to the security people).

Despite all the attention that he gets, he rarely barks and runs, which I think is because he is essentially sad and depressed. Or may'be still under the trauma of being abandoned by his beloved family. I don't know. But that doesn't stop him from brightening up other people's lives. Which brings me back to my story....

When I realized that it is Pinky standing in front of me, wagging his excited tail and looking up at me with his gooey eyes, I can't explain the calmness that settled over me. As if by magic, i felt all the tension drain out of me. The minute he realized that he has my attention, he sat, almost on my feet, inviting me to give him a rub. That was the moment, it dawned upon me, that DOGS ARE THE FOUR LEGGED ANGELS, that God has sent over to soothe our minds in our most testing times